Getting Admission in Zayed University UAE

Things You Should Know Before Getting Admission to Zayed University UAE –  There are a number of things one should understand before seeking admission into the prestigious Zayed University, Dubai. To make it easy for you, we are compiling some things you should know before getting admission to Zayed University, UAE below:

1. Is Zayed University Accredited?

The Zayed University, Dubai UAE is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. This means that the degree obtained by this university will be internationally recognized.
2. When Do the University Undertake Admissions?
The University undertakes admissions in August or September and also in January or February.

3. What’s the Medium of Education?
While the medium of education is English, non-Arabic speaking individuals are required to take an Arabic class to familiarize themselves with the language.
4. Does Zayed University Dubai Have Any Help Programs for Students with Learning Difficulties?
Yes, fortunately, Zayed University has many ways of helping students who encounter difficulties with their learning process. Some of the places you can seek help from are: The Office of Accessibility; Your designated Advisor; The Counselors present on campus; Writing Centers; Math Centers, PALs centers, and Library Peer Tutors.
5. I’m a Matured Student, Can I Still Apply?
Yes, of course. Zayed University UAE is one of the few universities that allow mature students (students who completed their high school several years ago) to enroll in their undergraduate programs.
6. Does Zayed University Provide Financial Aid?
Yes, Zayed University does provide financial aid, however, it is only limited to UAE nationals.
7. What Are The Admission Application Documents For an International Student?
A non-refundable application fee of AED 250; Copy of the official transcripts, Academic records, certificates, etc; Copy of the IELTS or iBT, TOEFL test; 2 letters of recommendation; 2 recent passport-sized photos; copy of your passport and residence visa.
8. What Are The Transportation Facilities Provided By Zayed University?
Zayed University Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not provide transportation, however, they will provide you with details of companies from which you can avail of said transportation.
9. Additional Information?
Zayed University in Dubai requires you to purchase a laptop that the university itself provides and not make the purchase elsewhere. This is because the laptop that the university provides is preloaded and configured based on your course requirements.
Seeking Zayed University admissions is a great decision, one that will help improve your educational and career prospects for years to come.

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